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Crofton road, our first job in Camberwell, is one of our favourite completed projects to date. The project involved a complete structural and interior overhaul of the ground floor, works in the rear garden, and a refurbishment of the first floor, with new plumbing and electrics throughout.

With the client appointing architects Marsh Keene Architects, and the interior designers Studio Fortnum we had a good idea of what the finish would look like, but we were really pleased when we finally stripped back all of the protection to see what we had built beneath. 

Before opening up the ground floor completely, the house was fairly dark, with poor insulation and tired paint. Marsh Keene had the clever ideas of getting light in from both the front and back, to provide a huge open plan kitchen diner, and to give the house a much more sociable feel. 


This was a shot from the original sitting room, and new kitchen diner. The wall you see at the back of the photo was a partition with a small utility room tucked behind it. Getting rid of this wall, as well as the chimney breasts and central beam and nibs, allowed light to come in from the front and back, creating a huge new room.

New steel to support the upstairs chimney breasts, and the rear partition ready to go!

Another great idea from the architects was taking out this first floor loo, opening up the wall, and installing a 2 metre tall fixed glass window, which lets a huge amount of light onto the first floor, which you can see in the photos above. 

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