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This is our Bellenden (arguably the coolest road in Peckham!) road job. This project involved a complete rebuild of an existing, and fairly badly thought out extension. With the construction design by Robert Potz Architects, it included a brand new side return and rear facade made from lovely London Stock bricks, new electrics and plumbing, a new kitchen, chilling space, and utility room, as well as a brilliantly designed interior by the fantastic designer Honor Devereux.


Here you can see what the side return used to look like before extending. As you can see from the photo on the right hand side, we took out the window and created a walkway between some beautiful joinery, connecting the existing house with the new extension

This project was during the height of covid-19 so we were experiencing a lot of issues with lead times. Glass was our biggest issue on this job, as we suffered huge delays because of supply chain issues. Ever the optimists we plodded on, providing a temporary roof to try and keep as watertight as possible.

Although we were prepared to wait for the glass, there was one thing we weren't prepared to wait for.. Luckily master of all tools Klodi was happy to oblige!

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